Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One in San Dimas

Today @andrewtalansky and I drove down to beautiful, smog filled, Los Angeles for the San Dimas stage race.

The drive was seven hours of super exciting scenery... if you're into open fields and stinky cows anyway.

Once we got in we got checked into the hotel and went for a spin to preview the TT course. Out there we saw most of our field and some other cool cats as well. The climb looks just as fun as I remember it from last year and look forward to punishing myself up it again.

I go off at 5:07pm, hopefully that burrito I ate tonight will be gone by then. Can't be carrying that up the climb.


Road race Saturday that I did well on in the Cat 2 race last year and then a downtown crit Sunday.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Thus Far

Quick recap of what has happened in 2010 so far:

I raced the traditional San Bruno hill climb on Jan 1st and finished 3 seconds faster than last year in 6th place.


After that I had a training camp with my new team Cal Giant in Watsonville. There I got to meet everyone, do some great riding, get all my gear, and most importantly eat a LOT!

Picture of Osvaldo Olmos cutting up the skirt steak. We all ate too much that night, but Jesse Moore and Steve Reaney decided to have a strawberry shortcake eating contest. I tried to get involved but I am not in the same league apparently.


The next race for me was Cal Aggie where Brandon "Crashton" Trafton won the field sprint to finish second after a rider slipped away in the final lap.


Andrew "Pullmansky" Talansky, Tyler Brandt, Crashton and I went hunting for some pie in Napa and succeeded. I finished second to Yahoo! 's Dirk Copeland and Pullmansky got 9th out of a 12 man break that formed early in the race.


And this past weekend Pullmansky, Crashton, and I drove too many hours to the Valley of the Sun Stage Race.

Talansky had a great TT to start things off where he finished 3rd to Chodroff and Amaran (I finished 21st).

In the RR there were a couple of attacks early and a group of 12 went up the road with Talansky and the rest of the GC guys. They stayed away and Talansky sprinted to 2nd place and got a couple of time bonuses to secure his 3rd place overall.

The crit had a bunch of attacks, but nothing seemed to be going anywhere except for a solo attempt from Amaran who was also pulled back a few laps later. We tried to set me up for the sprint, but it didn't exactly work out and finished about 20th.

Talansky held on to 3rd overall and I finished 20th.
Trafton finished 11th in the crit and 21st overall in the Cat 2 race.

Results can be found here.

We had a lot of laughs and I felt like we really gelled as a team this weekend and I look forward to a great season.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BASP #2 Crash Causes Pain

BASP #2 was the first of two meetings at Coyote Point this year. The course had almost everything you could imagine, and most of it was very loose.

I was doing well and was on track for a top 15 finish... long story short - I wrecked on the bumpy descent after suffering a ruptured blister which made me loosen my grip on the hoods. My front wheel slid out from under me on a tree rut, and that was the end of my race with about 4-5 to go.

Wrist isn't broken, but it has been hurting quite a bit. I also have a nice bear claw mark on my knee.


Jesse was the best guy on the day with 12th, and keeps his call up for the next race.

Sweet picture

Before the crash, and even before the pain cave was fully open

Thursday, October 8, 2009

BASP #1 Video and Recap

Check out some of the madness/party:

The course was mad bumpy and we were all pretty sore the day after. Phil Mooney placed the best out of us getting 12th.

Jesse raced both the Master A and the Men A, so he was extra sore! 17th in the A.

T-Dibble raced his first race after his accident and crashed a few times, but loved it!

Keith and I didn't complete our pre-race goals, well one of them we did.

Full results are here.


Second Sac series race on Sunday and the Jesse crushfests start this Saturday, so don't be expecting any top notch cross results out of me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DBC Elite Blog

The Davis Bike Club Elite Team now has a blog set up by our own Frank "The Tank".

Check it out yo:

Look for some sweet updates from the guys.

Monday, September 28, 2009

DBC Hits the Cross Scene

Sunday was the first race of the Sac Series in Del Paso park.

I showed up early to watch the C race and cheer on team mates Jesse Moore, Cody Tapley, and Torey Phillip. Turns out they crushed that race pretty good. Jesse pulled off in the last corner because he said it was "unfair" for him to win that race. Good sport, he only did the C race because it was his first ever cross race and was unsure of his skill set. Cody ended up taking the win and Torey got 3rd! Heard a rumor that Torey was suffering some mechanical issues towards the end, but he powered through it.

Jesse: (looking good in that DBC kit!)


After an exciting start to the day it was time to get ready for the A race. On the start line we had Jesse (racing his second race of the day), Phil Mooney, Keith Hillier, Charlie Alexander, Bruno Pitton, Bryan Pro and myself. Also on the start line with us but racing the masters was Shawn Miller.

Phil got 3rd!

I placed 6th

Bruno finished 8th

Charlie was 11th

Keith ate some dirt and finished 14th

Jesse got 16th after stopping in the pit to tighten his loose pedal

Bryan was 19th on a single speed

And Shawn placed 6th in the Master's 45+ race

- Frank (The Tank) Marrs also raced his first ever cross race Sunday and finished 4th in the B race.


We had the biggest squad out there today, which is HUGE for a new cross team. From what I could see, everyone had a blast!

I can't wait for next weekend - First BASP series race, should be one helluva party.

Friday, September 11, 2009

For those that were not aware...

"Scraper bikes is on the scene"

Probably one of the funniest things i have EVER seen!