Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crossin' and Designin'

So my boy Z and I went to Livermore to race some cross down there. I'm chasing points to win the B's overall and Zach just borrowed a bike he wanted to test out. I think hes hooked even with his misfortune of a wheel coming off on the second lap incident. He had to stop and remount his wheel due to a loose skewer. Pretty weak, but he still managed to get back up and finish a solid 8th.

Here he is in the sandy section, I swear he didn't deck it after this picture was taken even though it looks like he is about to:

As for me, well I went on to win again and I'm pretty close to that top spot with just two more races to go in the series! I might get that sweet T-shirt my dad has been eyeing since we started racing there.

Here is a sick picture my dad took of us warming up:

As for the designin' well I found this sweet website on BSNYC's blog and I got hooked on it for about an hour and designed a wide range of scrapper bikes, super hipster fixies, and even a couple of savage BMX bikes. Haha, check it out y'all Pedal ID. Feel free to post your designs on my comments I'd love to see what ya got.

Here are a couple of my fabulous works of art:

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