Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Win of the Season! Cal Aggie Madness

What a race!!

I always love the course at Land park, it makes for some safe and fast racing every time. For some reason DBC does extremely well out there. In past years we have always dominated the junior race, had sucess in the 1/2/3 (a couple of years ago with Davitamon), and even I did well there last year in the 3s.

This year was no different, it started the same as in past years with Cody leading a 1-2-3 DBC finish in the juniors race! WOW! That kid is learning how to race for sure.

As for the 1/2 race, well Hernando did a great job explaining the happenings of the race, so read that for sure if you haven't already. As he said, DBC was all over the early breaks and we had at the least one guy in every break except the one that stuck for more that 2 laps... go figure.

When the Clif and Webcore duo got brought back I was at the front looking for the next move to go and heard Chris Morales hollering at me to hold on. Hold on? ... alright, well I got on his wheel and he TORE IT UP... I cant really explain it in words so take a look:

As you can see, the field was completely strung out and I had to go as aero as possible just hold the powerhouse's wheel. After this savage half-lap pull the webcore guy (Justin Fraga according to Hernando) and I got a small gap with two others between us and the field.

Here we are coming into the bell lap (in the cave):

When we heard the bell lap, barely audibal over the intense crowd cheering us on in our attempt to spoil it for the sprinters, my legs began to tense up and I had a feelig that we weren't going to make it. On the back stretch of the course we sort of eased up a little, but we were giving it ALL we had. Through the S- curves we probably gained a little over the field and I was starting to get that I'm going to throw up feeling in my stomach. Justin was leading around the last corner and swung off giving me some word of encouragement (thanks man!). I put my head down, shifted into my 12, and gave it more than I thought I was able to give! The field was closing in fast so I tried to kick a little harder and kept glancing back to make sure they weren't going to catch me untill we crossed the line.

Here is an idea of how close the field was in catching me:

Judging by how hard the crowd was cheering, I figured they were right on top of me so I took one look back:

... and then had just enough time to sit up and give the two arm salute:

It is weird how after you win a race all the pain goes away and you forget about those last two laps where you felt like you were going to turn inside out and pull over to throw up. Well that is exactly the feeling I had during those last two laps, and especially in those last 300 or so meters. It was an epic day to remember, my first ever p/1/2 victory.

The great pictures were taken by none other than Mark Adkinson of

-Notice my team mates Zach and Alex Wick celebrating with me. Mark really knows how to capture the moment! Without them and my other mates (Chris Morales, Charlie Alexander, Russ White, and the radio support from Stevo) this probably wouldn't have happend. Thank you very much guys, I owe ya one!

I also have a 10min video of the race, taken by my dad, for your enjoyment. No music this time- sorry. I have been pretty busy with school and riding, and just didn't have time to shorten it up and add some music.

09 Cal Aggie Crit p/1/2 from Chris Stastny on Vimeo.

See y'all at Cherry Pie-Shoudl be saweet!


Jason Eiserich said...

Hey Staz! What can I say....AWESOME! Way to race! You've done the DBC proud! Keep up the great racin!



FWS said...

Double Ditto Staz! Can't even imagine how that felt! Had to be
out of this world. Congrats to you and Cody... What an awesome day.

Cody Tapley said...

Chris your the man!All the days you've put me in the cave have lead to us being the most dominate team out there ! keep going Mang!!!

G'ma said...

Way to go, Chris! Steve sent us the link so we got the description of the race and Mark's terrific photos! Another great DBC racer doing his teammates proud! We're proud of you, too!