Tuesday, March 10, 2009

... Been A While

So I haven't posted anything in a while on this thing...

I haven't had much to say really, Merco was a really cool race, but I didn't have any results to write about. It was the fastest racing I have done thus far and got completely destroyed. I was happy to have finished the grueling 120mile road race (even though they have me as a DNF on the results, I assure you I finished... right behind the BMC car and infront of the DBC car). The crit was tough and ridiculously fast. I stuck my nose out into the wind once or twice, but nothing was going anywhere with the amount of cash up for grabs almost every other lap. The final few laps were ridiculous to say the least and I'm thankful to have stayed upright.

Sweet pic but I'm not sure how they managed to catch me on the front with how little time I actually spent up there. Legit.

Menlo Park:
... was interesting because it was a p/1/2/3 race aka sketchfest. So when I saw dholla moving up the side I hopped on and ended up in a 6man break for the first half of the race. It was looking pretty good for a while and we had a 20sec gap at one point, but ultimately we got brought back. I guess Jackson and AJM weren't excited about our little adventure, but I'm not really sure who actually brought us back.

Here is a pic of our break early (while my legs were still relatively fresh):

Decent gap (field isn't even in sight!):

Oh and I forgot to mention the Tapinator was also in the race and managed to hang on. Great job for a fresh cat 3. Big things to come for that skinny kid.

Here he is on the rivet towards the end of the race:

As for the finish... well I had goo position at the beginning of 1 to go, but the course was insanely long and I lost my position. I battled hard to get it back but that didn't go over too well. I need to take the Bahatti class of crit racing. Dholla won and I ended up 22nd. Not very great...

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Madera this weekend, pretty excited about that! My TT is still a work-in-progress so don't be expectin' big things.


Anonymous said...

byopt at madera?

The Staz said...

yea Z