Monday, September 28, 2009

DBC Hits the Cross Scene

Sunday was the first race of the Sac Series in Del Paso park.

I showed up early to watch the C race and cheer on team mates Jesse Moore, Cody Tapley, and Torey Phillip. Turns out they crushed that race pretty good. Jesse pulled off in the last corner because he said it was "unfair" for him to win that race. Good sport, he only did the C race because it was his first ever cross race and was unsure of his skill set. Cody ended up taking the win and Torey got 3rd! Heard a rumor that Torey was suffering some mechanical issues towards the end, but he powered through it.

Jesse: (looking good in that DBC kit!)


After an exciting start to the day it was time to get ready for the A race. On the start line we had Jesse (racing his second race of the day), Phil Mooney, Keith Hillier, Charlie Alexander, Bruno Pitton, Bryan Pro and myself. Also on the start line with us but racing the masters was Shawn Miller.

Phil got 3rd!

I placed 6th

Bruno finished 8th

Charlie was 11th

Keith ate some dirt and finished 14th

Jesse got 16th after stopping in the pit to tighten his loose pedal

Bryan was 19th on a single speed

And Shawn placed 6th in the Master's 45+ race

- Frank (The Tank) Marrs also raced his first ever cross race Sunday and finished 4th in the B race.


We had the biggest squad out there today, which is HUGE for a new cross team. From what I could see, everyone had a blast!

I can't wait for next weekend - First BASP series race, should be one helluva party.

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