Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

1000 Words

Veronika Lenzi has pictures up from the San Dimas Stage race! Awsomeness.

The above photo is from the RR, and there is a picture of me in the cave during the hillclimb Here.

Enjoy, she has some sweet pics of the other races as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

San Dimas

San Dimas Stage Race = Paincave
Gotta love it

Stage 1:
Hillclimb TT, well my climbing has gotten much better and I placed a solid 23rd-54 seconds off the leader- with a time of 15:09, which is 2.5 minutes better than my time last year! I can't really complain about that, but it sure did hurt. The Viper beasted and finished 2nd!

Stage 2:
The road race was a 7mile circuit with one hard climb and another on the back side that wasn't as bad. We did 8 laps of the course and on laps 3,5,7 there were sprint points for the green jersey and time. I tried to go for those since I wasn't too far out of the top 15, but I couldn't get up to the front in time for them because of the climb. On laps 2,4,6,8 there were KOM sprints on the harder climb just about 2miles from the finish. Those laps were generally super fast and painful!

As we were coming into the climb for the second to last time Chuckleberry came up to me and gave me some encouraging words because he noticed that I was in the cave. Thanks mate. On the final lap I decided to sack-up and give it all I had over the climb to stay with the top 20-30 over the top. I was about 30th or so over the top and after the decent there was a bunch of about 20 and then the rest of the guys in front of me were single file. I moved up as best I could on the protected side so as to not lose too much valuable energy. With about 1k to go the field sat up because no one wanted to come around Sean McBride of Lombardi, who had been pulling. Since I was coming from the back I had more speed than those at the front and decided to launch.
I heard Sean yelling at everyone "GET ON THAT! COVER THAT! SOMEBODY GET THAT!".
After I launched my first goal was to catch Evan Pickett who was dangling off the front from the top of the climb. As I caught him I went straight through him and looked up to see that the finish was still REALLY far!!! I gave a quick glance back and thought that I may have a chance in holding everyone off. Well I did, and it was an epic win! Tyler Brandt was 3rd and Julian Martinez got 4th. (The top 5 was all U25 guys).
They gave me a 3second time gap on the field, a 20second time bonus, and 25 points for the green jersey!

Here is a clip of the RR finish that my dad filmed.

RR Podium:

Stage 3:
I started the final crit in the green jersey and 6th on GC. I was feeling pretty good going into this stage and was going to try for the intermediate sprint points and the final sprint to see if I could move up any more places on GC.
The first time the bell rang Chuckleberry led me out perfectly for the dub... but it wasn't a time bonus sprint, but I got a sweet arm warmer/ leg warmer prime. Damn man! To add to the frustration they rang the bell for a "Hot Spot Sprint" (Time bonus and green jersey points) right as I crossed the line. I tried to stay up there for it, but I was too blown to sprint for it.
The second time bonus I got 4th (Just out of the points) and crashed soon after because I was being an idiot coming into turn 1. Accidents happen.
I got back in and soon after that it was 4 to go! Still a little sore and shook up from the crash I told Greg and Charlie to go for the stage, but none of us could get up there.
We all finished with the group and I ended up dropping a spot on GC and finished 7th. Still an amazing result for me!
Mike Margraf from Safeway rode a very smart race this weekend and gathered up enough time bonuses to edge out the win in the overall by hundredths of a second, the U25 competition, and the Green jersey. Pickett took home the polka-dots for KOM.

Pre crit:

Post Crit: (Note: Paul Mach is in the background! He is a sneaky one)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mad Era

Man, what a cool stage race... well except maybe for the pain and all.

Ben Hur Hillclimb TT:
PAINCAVE. I had a decent time (beat DER VIPER by about 7sec) and finished 27th - 4min down on BJM. Yes, that's right- 4min down after a 10mile TT. It was 6miles rolling and finished on a 4mile climb. I had a difficult time finding my rhythm on the rollers, but settled in on the climb. I caught my min man, who definitely mailed it in, fairly early. My two min man came into sight at the bottom of the climb and I reeled him in by the summit. It was a nice mental boost.

Flat TT:
Not my event, but I'm working on it. I improved my time by a minute and a half, which is awesome. Der Viper redeemed himself and placed 6th on the stage! Noice. Russ also did a good time and put around 30sec into me I think... I lost another min and a half on BJM. Man, what a beast.

Barely got recharged in time for this one, and let me tell ya, it was very very painful for the first half of the race. The pace wasn't too bad, but the legs were screaming at me to stop turning over the peddles. A large group went up the road with everyone represented except for DBC and Metromint. Greg, Zach and Charlie took a few efforts with some Minty boys but it wasn't helping too much because Cal Giant and Bissell decided to line up 5 guys each starting from 2nd or 3rd wheel. Once the Safeway guy fell out of the break, they got on the front and helped us to bring the break back. With two laps to go the break was about 3sec up the road and everyone sat up with Cal Giant creating a sort of wall at the front of the field. I barely got around it and saw Charlie Avis launch on my right. I hopped on his wheel going into turn one and by turn two we blew through the break and reestablished their advantage by turn three. With one to go we had a slight advantage, but I was sort of doubtful about the outcome. Now that I think back there really wasn't anyone in the pack besides metromint to bring us back, because a Safeway guy made it across to us with one to go.
Coming around the last corner I went under the safeway guy on the inside and prepared for the sprint. I gave it all i had and barely nipped a Webcore guy for third! Keith Miller from Cal Giant won with BJM taking second. Scott Z from Kelly Benefits was also in the break. They gave our group 3sec over the field, sweet!! ... as if that helped me any, i actually lost time because Ben got second and got a better time bonus then me haha.

Zach went into beast mode to make up for his busted pedal in the TT and broken spoke in the crit with 2 to go, not allowing him to finish either.
I felt like garbage all day and coming through the bumpy section when we were about to see 1 to go I was too far back when the crosswind hit. I was just closing the door of the hurt locker, after climbing in, when some gaps started opening in front of me. BOGUS!
Big ol' Z got across to the lead group and finished in the pack that dropped down to about 30 or 40 riders! Nice ride bro!
I DNFd, Chuckleberry's dropout busted which made him crash (He is ok, just scraped up), Russ and der Viper flatted, and Greg finished just off the back of the lead group.

FYI- Chuckleberry is Charlie Alexander. Keep that in mind.
-Der Viper... you all probably already know this one, but if not it is Jim Wingert.

I have some video that I will piece together and post on here as soon as I have time.

San Dimas next week, I'm looking forward to this one!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

... Been A While

So I haven't posted anything in a while on this thing...

I haven't had much to say really, Merco was a really cool race, but I didn't have any results to write about. It was the fastest racing I have done thus far and got completely destroyed. I was happy to have finished the grueling 120mile road race (even though they have me as a DNF on the results, I assure you I finished... right behind the BMC car and infront of the DBC car). The crit was tough and ridiculously fast. I stuck my nose out into the wind once or twice, but nothing was going anywhere with the amount of cash up for grabs almost every other lap. The final few laps were ridiculous to say the least and I'm thankful to have stayed upright.

Sweet pic but I'm not sure how they managed to catch me on the front with how little time I actually spent up there. Legit.

Menlo Park:
... was interesting because it was a p/1/2/3 race aka sketchfest. So when I saw dholla moving up the side I hopped on and ended up in a 6man break for the first half of the race. It was looking pretty good for a while and we had a 20sec gap at one point, but ultimately we got brought back. I guess Jackson and AJM weren't excited about our little adventure, but I'm not really sure who actually brought us back.

Here is a pic of our break early (while my legs were still relatively fresh):

Decent gap (field isn't even in sight!):

Oh and I forgot to mention the Tapinator was also in the race and managed to hang on. Great job for a fresh cat 3. Big things to come for that skinny kid.

Here he is on the rivet towards the end of the race:

As for the finish... well I had goo position at the beginning of 1 to go, but the course was insanely long and I lost my position. I battled hard to get it back but that didn't go over too well. I need to take the Bahatti class of crit racing. Dholla won and I ended up 22nd. Not very great...

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Madera this weekend, pretty excited about that! My TT is still a work-in-progress so don't be expectin' big things.